Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kingdom of the twentieth wife.

Not many women in the history have left us bedazzled with their dignified demeanor. One such lady was Nur Jahan- the twentieth wife of Jahangir in the Mughal Kingdom.

Nur Jahan, the name given by Jahangir meaning ‘light of the world’ was born as Mehrunnisaa. Besides family fusses, she was well educated and showed interest not just in the expected areas of poetry, arts and culture but also in ruling over the Mughal kingdom after Jahangir’s death. She was a beloved wife who took care of the throne while her husband was busy drinking and smoking up. Her other pursuits counted of inventing perfumes for women popular as ‘Ittars’, designing clothes out of laces and brocade that still are influencing us today big time.

Influenced by Nur Jahan's experiences in so many dimensions, a young designer from Mount Carmel College, Syma Ahmed realized the necessity of her revival. 

The rich hues of red and blue brushed with pinches of gold and hand-painted Mughal faces, with pearls that add charm to her beauty and gold pins that define it sharp and sexy, Syma came up with a hotter Nur Jahan on the ramp. Dip-dyed lace robes, harem pants and suspenders just made the perfect coordinated collection. Designing accessories and jewels with it was enough to call it a Kingdom of the twentieth wife.

Nur Jahan's grave reads, 
"On the grave of this poor stranger, let there be neither lamp nor rose. Let neither butterfly’s wing burn nor nightingale sing."


Thursday, February 7, 2013


What goes around comes around. My constant postulation for pastels has shown up to rule in the spring of 2013 by Splash, right on my face. It's the Pastel Karma. You can't escape!

With new experiments on styling, shades and silhouettes, the Pastel Karma showcases ensembles that are dressy yet easy to carry. You can't miss looking stunning! Afterall, its the Karma!

For Women
A front embellished shirt with pastel contrasts when paired up with a pastel pink pleated trouser and bling paintbrush earrings just makes the PERFECT CHIC.
For Men
The subtly floral printed shirt smartly goes with the khaki pastel trousers. Shades are always a necessity. Maintain your KARMIC IMAGE.

This post showcases the spring 2013 collection by Splash being promoted by In-FB.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Stills from a Silent Saga

When you get bored of the hustling city and start finding the workplace over-dramatic, when the clock seems to tick as slow as a sloth and the sky doesn't show up any sunshine,
pack your bags and RUN!
P.S- Don't forget to carry your camera!
That's what I did over the weekend. An overnight journey from Bangalore and you reach on a land where there is sea, sun and sand. And so started the silent saga. Meeting new people, doting on a different cuisine, wandering over cozy empty streets, lusting over new finds and expressing gratitude to the sun. A feeling when you know that you won't run into any face seen before, instead you would see people with faces that never grow old, smiles that never wash away and spirit that blows with the wind along the seashore.

One good thing about going somewhere you have never been to, you can discover some great places by yourself <apart from the ones overheard or google-researched>
A place called L'e Space near M.G. road was one of a kind that communicated a raw yet soothing aura depicted some mysterious fluency- from abstract human paintings on walls and chairs to a Chinese kettle hanging right up your head, a hidden Buddha statue under the roof, a wooden bear looking at you from behind the leaves and many more that I am yet to discover in my next visit. 
P.S.- Lemme know if you find the 'hidden' Buddha statue in any of the pictures! :)

Loving the chair's back!
A broken stained glass frame becomes a back support of a chair. :)
Finds at various places- cafes, restaurants and boutiques. 

Sri Aurobindo's graffiti 
Lights dimming at night at L'e Space
Yes, I do love Pondy!

So, the last few days of the year ended with a charming experience. Have a happy new year everyone and if nothing else, resolute to visit plenty of new places this year. :)


Friday, December 21, 2012


The more civilized the world thinks we should be, our minds keep on running into the wild, somewhere towards a sense of liberty. And that’s how we show it. Through our actions, clothes, style statements etc.

Aztec especially drives me a little high with all the color drama it showcases. Small geometric shapes in hypnotizing colors tracing back lives of the tribes in Mexico and their culture, what more free could beat that?