Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fashion for Kids: LADYLIKE

Meet this lovely little lady all dressed up just waiting to hear- “Ready, get, set, GO!”

Interesting how kids can carry themselves so Ladylike- white shorts with an embellished top, feather earrings, bracelet and that hair band. In those glittery shoes, she carries a classic sling bag across her shoulders. 

Did I miss anything? Is there anything to be missed?
Just Ladylike!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Captured- Windsor Hat, Kurta and canvas shoes

Style today has definitely become sensitive to comfort more than the typical idea of showing off. It’s a personal choice then, to make it look stylish or funky or just giving a comfort statement.

I captured Snehashish one evening in a total fusion outfit. With a Windsor hat on his head, cotton Kurta and black canvas shoes, he spoke of comfort with an untraditional mind. A smart casual dressing for summers. Hat protects the hair, cotton Kurta keeps stay cool and canvas shoes let you walk long.

Guys- Let go you casual 'Tee and Denim' style. Think with a hat on! 
Thanks Snehashish for the click. :)


Saturday, May 19, 2012

FUNKY HAIR DO- for summers

Trying out this funky colorful hairdo to go out under the sun on a Sunday!
Rainbow bun. Likey?

Quick tips/ideas for this DIY:

Material ideas-
  • Colorful shoelaces - available in the street markets.
  • Colorful fabric scraps- try printed fabrics or solids. Both look good.
  • Macrame or crochet threads give a nice texture and thickness too.
  • Woolen yarn for some furry feel.
  • Satin ribbons - your anytime savior. 

Use a small scrunchy and start knotting 3-4 inches long of these threads over it. 
You'll reach somewhere. :)
PS: picture of a lady from Poppurri.  Thanks for the inspiration. :)


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fashion for Kids: Beautiful in Crochet

Fashion for kids: Clicked this adorable little girl in sigma mall the other day. I am sorry to have forgotten her name. :(
No second thoughts, kids seem to be more fashionable these days. Thanks to their fashionably updated Mommies. Love her beautiful crochet dress with green ribbons and a matching hair clip that I couldn't click properly.
P.S.: Mini Fashion is the new section to showcase fashion for kids much similar to a street style.
Hope you enjoy the new section (check the categories in the right sidebar for more details).

Fashion for kids: Crochet dress
Fashion for kids: Crochet dress
Fashion for kids: Crochet dress


Life is beautiful. Dress accordingly

Life is beautiful. Dress accordingly. Minigasm by Bindigasm. Fashion Quotes

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Feels like it has been long that you didn’t sit under the sky at night, counted stars and cherished some lived moments. I have just been too busy writing emails and blogging.
I deliberately took a vacation of a few days when my Mom agreed upon visiting me to Bangalore for the first time in like 5 years ALONE. And I shut my computer in the evenings. Really, I did!

Suddenly, it felt like I am living a day cherishing the small things. Couldn’t imagine how beautiful and loving moments I could spend with her. I was actually confused and tensed. But, I truly felt like writing something unfashionable. It is still tough to realise the fact that you have grown up, especially when you are spending time with mom. She is someone who will always be meticulous. She will take good care of you and treat you like a 4-year-old girl. Writing this just can’t stop my mile long delayed smile.

The best part is when you talk- talk about your neighbours from the street, talk about some distant cousin’s marriage or about YOU! Oops. So, she knows my age. She knows that I am not 17 anymore. She knows that she has to change topics of discussion smartly. That’s when it struck me. Time had changed from asking about what dress do I like to what guy do I like!

Well spent Mother's day. 
Images via weheartit.com

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Of beautifully handcrafted products- with love and colors, with care for nature and a social cause, here is a story about Tattvam- a label by Preeti Maneesh (her name actually has 4 'e's) who makes amazing customised home decor products and fancy jewellery.

I am associated with art & craft since I was six and did its & bits of everything. Greeting cards, doll houses with shoe boxes, stitching tiny clothes for my dolls, painting, sketching, rangoli, candles, textile art, henna art, embroidery, graphic designing & the list goes on. With no knowledge about pursuing a carrier related to those activities, I worked in a corporate sector for two donkey years and finally realised that I wasn’t meant for it. So, I picked up my sketch pencils and paintbrushes, studied fashion from NIFT and launched Tattvam. Now, I am just happy doing what I do.

My baby venture was born on March 29th 2011. Product & Jewellery designing was an accidental love and grew into passion. I experimented with many products. Finally, paper jewellery came into existence & so was fabric jewellery. I also have products for home Decor. Initially I used to personally handcraft all the products. The products became a big hit and I started getting orders, so I decided to take Tattvam to a new level.

Tattvam is not just into making creative products but also provides employment to the less fortunate women in the society. In association with an NGO called RAPID, I have employed women who assist me with the knick-knacks. With this, Tattvam also encourages women fraternity and under-privileged families to take up craft activities & helps them make a fair living.
This has been our journey so far with Tattvam. Thanks to my super supportive husband, Ma & Pa (in laws) and my parents without whom Tattvam was just not possible.  

My products are available at my home studio. We also customize gifts. People can call me on +91 8050156650 and drop by or even write to me at tattvam.bengaluru@gmail.com for custom-made gifts. I also exhibit through flea markets held every now and then in Bangalore. 

Quiet an ethnic and quirky logo- Tattvam

Preeti's workspace- Its not messy!

Paper origami earrings - polka dotted by Tattvam. Love

Another love. Fabric earrings by Tattvam

Key holders. She calls her collection- 'Aur Chaabi kho jaaye' by Tattvam
Hand painted Chai Kullads called as 'The Bengaluru Mugs' by Tattvam

Customized  photo frames by Tattvam
Images courtesy- Tattvam. Thanks Preeti :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

MOVERS and SHAKERS- check your etiquette.

I have been restless since a long time to write something about Movers & Shakers. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever noticed people sitting next to you in a meeting room or in the bus? Do you know that there is a similarity between humans and pigeons? Try recalling the way pigeons and ducks bob their heads while walking.

leg fidgeting habit
Leg fidgeting- a common habit among people (via hocam.com)
Got it yet? I am talking about the restlessness certain people have of fidgeting their legs. The way they wiggle their legs unconsciously. Seems like their legs have a mind of their own! Well, you might think it as an unnecessary point to discuss about, but I feel it is fair enough to show my discomfort over it! (And unconsciously of many others too).
Therefore, I declare that I do not fidget and I hate fidgeters. In simple words, I do not shake my legs and I do not like people shaking their legs!
You see, I took the pain of knowing what both the parties have to say about it-

Interestingly, there are some theories too related with shaking of legs. In Chinese, they say, shaking your legs leads to taking away of your good luck, health and wealth. While, in Japanese, they call it a ‘poor man’s shake’ who shakes his whole body shivering out of cold.
Well, actually, leg fidgeters burn 100 more calories than the normal people do. (But, oh c’mon! There are various other ways to burn your calories.)

Etiquette question? Who are you?
Those who do it know that shaking legs does not count in good etiquette. It is an involuntary action, which has become a habit, but to the viewer, apparently it is not! The viewer might be your boss or strangers around you. (Yeah, it also is vice versa many times!) The end is happy realization! It makes you as well as other happy! 

What the patients have to say? (The fidgeters)
  • Lol! Ya. I don’t know.
  • I am just restless.
  • I don’t know!         [*best*]
  • I think it is ‘The onset of Tourette’s syndrome’ (neurological disorder
  • I am a drummer too!
  • I don’t know!
  • Deep thoughts
  • It is not natural for humans to sit still for long periods. It's a modern convention to just sit on our butts all day. So, when doing so we naturally get restless sometimes. Hence the jiggling.
  • I'm the most appalling leg-jiggler. I tend to blame my low blood pressure - I figure my body is just trying any way to keep the stuff circulating.
  • I don’t know!
  • A student shakes his legs and drops his pen. When he bends to pick it up, he sees that many other students are doing the same. Therefore, it’s normal.
  • I don’t know!
What the victims have to say? (The observers)
  • It’s an eyesore. It just catches my eye and it’s so irritating.
  • How much energy do they actually have?
  • Is it a trick to lose weight?
  • Restless legs syndrome?
  • I guess this proves even zombies get the shakes.  [*best*]
  •  What? They get bored, so they fidget! Lol!
  • Especially if the seats are joined together and the whole row begins to shake.
(Sources- some yahoo answers and you tube videos)
Happy me!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

At Sunday Soul Sante : Time to Flea again!

This Sunday was the day for Sunday soul santé- a popular flea market for the creative, quirky, innovative designer brands and upcoming labels to exhibit their work from all over the country.  People creating new ideas from all the categories - be it arts, graphics, up-cycling of used products, totally handmade stuff, quick do it yourself (DIY) things, funky fashion accessories to smart home products or unique smart products. You could see everything at the same place. The fashion show and music bands playing later in night were the perfect way to wind up the event.

Here are some captured recommendations for you people from the flea market Sunday Soul Sunday.
PS: You can find links to almost all the design labels in the captions

Activities at the event

Indian Dog Adoption Center put a stall for adoption of stray dogs.

Little Matilda coloring the bamboo sticks. By United Arts Society.

All about art, crafts and graphics
From paintings and doodles to illustrations and products, you wouldn't miss any of it.

Graphicurry has some amazing caricatures of popular personalities

Marylin Monroe by Graphicurry 

The most adorable doodles by Alicia Souza - turned into stationary, kids tees etc.

Handpainted canvas by Gamut Art Studio

Madhubani inspired trunk bvy Neha Karmakar

Big size Wooden Murals by Indumathi and Chaitra

Pretty petals out of tissues- flowers by Pooja Batra

Crafty pop up greeting cards and customized stationary gifts
from Shades of Emotion

Fashion Accessories
Bags, shoes, earrings, necklaces- all beautifully handcrafted which makes you want all of it!

Neon Handcuffs by Nine Box

Handcrafted Jewelry by Carolz Jewelry

3D paper earrings by Ananyah

Quirky clutches by Poppuri from Surat

Handpainted Tote bags by Creo

Message tess by 642 stitches- a sports and entertainment company

I heart these painted shoes by Spirited Souls from Kolkata

Ethnic Laptop bags by Living Art

Upcycled paper earrings by Chammak Challo- cool maal

Sexy ballerinas by Color Tree

Animated Indian Characters- Laxmi and Hanuman by In Divine Interest

Feather and leather accessories by No Strings Attached.

Design Products and Home Accessories

These products are going to give your home a makeover with their dandy and thoughtful character.

Graphic and Pop lampshades by Poppuri from Surat

Hand-illustrated photo frames by Creo

Color blocked Lampshades by Purple Turtles.

Up cycled Origami Lampshades by Earth Wave
A new concept of Eco friendly Design

Funny Fridge magnets at Quirko

Mustache Hanger at Quirko- an online store

Screen Printed Buddha inspired cushion covers by Living Art

Paper cut art by Cult Art from Mumbai

Minimal design, Newsprint Oriented products by Coppy Cat

Connect to Mobile Telephones by Giftyaar.com

Everything for your garden by Green Essence

WLCI college had a stall put up of handmade products by students and faculty.

Hope the pictures took your breathe away! ;)