Tuesday, June 26, 2012


“I may be mad, but I am materialistic. I want to possess so many things in life. Not just some clothes, shoes, bags, or perfumes. I have become more materialistic now. I want the whole of India.”

Yeah, no kidding! My recent visit to The Bombay store has given me some more ‘food for shop’. In my earlier post here, I mentioned about the products being a perfect blend of the traditional and contemporary style. Well, this time I am astonished by the assorted themes and inspirations from various subjects and periods and the variety of products the store keeps-  trying to give a whole new rejuvenated look of India still keeping threads of stories knotted to it.

The punch line of the store says- “Discover a new India”, which it eventually abides by.  Right from the visual merchandising and the current monsoon oriented window displays, the look is aesthetically appealing and the store is divided into sections such as apparels, artefacts, frames, bed linens and quilts, stationary, home decor, tableware, aromatic soaps, exotic tea flavours etc. letting you browse all the sections easily. 


“Let the Grandma walk out with a rich flavoured exotic tea pack, the lady with a brocade purse and the girl with a quirky set of stationary. And everyone stays happy ever after.”

Here, you may find the rarest of the pieces like an antique metallic colonial time wall clock to the newest of the pop art inspired colourful tray. There are heavily crafted artefacts made out of softstone, whitewood, resin, glass, brass etc. You will go nuts smelling the aromatic soaps and would definitely fall in for the cosy bed linens and those soft razais (quilts).

There is so much to talk about- stamp printed cushions, Kathputli inspired umbrellas, Banjara murals, rejuvenating incense sticks metallic modern style cufflinks...you could see an art displayed from almost each state of India in a totally new form of product. That’s the beauty of The Bombay Store.
Then, a separate variety of products by The Elephant Company was something elephantous. You would see motifs of an elephant on a tie, on a mug to tote bag, also as murals, cushions and so many other places.

I hope my pictorial collection explains much of it!

Thanks to Mr. Srinivas from the store and the whole team who took the pain to arrange the roll out session. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


No questions to the fact that this is the hottest color combination of the season. Here's Sanyukta showing off the hotness of spring/summer. Talk about color blocking or talk about neon- this is it. 
PS: The last proof is here

Monday, June 18, 2012


Tired of giving that curious smile, here's Mona Lisa chilling! 
I bet its a longer smile than those 10 seconds! :)
Have a wonderful day! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I am a firm believer of the fact that colors speak your mood. They even have the power of manipulating your mind. And before or later they give a distinction to your style. 
Talking about RED, lets know some facts- 
  • Its intensively attractive (you know why danger signs are painted red?) 
  • A perfect date-night color to get into- (think of romance, hearts, red roses..oh love!)
  • Makes you feel good about yourself. 
  • ALERT- Some say that red stimulates your diet and makes you hog on to more food than necessary. Haven't witnessed that yet? Should be careful the next time I wear red.
  • Looks super hot in ethnic dresses. Don't trust me? Have a look below.
  • Dress up as per the intensity of your mood- To be totally loud, go for a red dress or Kurti. When you want to be a little mild on people around you- try wearing accent red - your nails, shoes, bag, hair accessories etc. 
THE LOUD RED LOOK. Wear Red to show your bold mood. Be high on red.
THE ACCENT RED LOOK- wear red in accessories to give a mild look.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


There's something about pink and there's something about girls! There's always something about the girls in pink. They look so chic. Meet Nisha- a chic in pink.  
Loving her short, nicely dressed hair and the pretty pink doing all that color blocking with minimals of black.
I realize while writing this post of the number of posts I have written about this color PINK. And all of them are yet so different. 
Loving to talk about pink :D

Nisha at Dolci looking chic in pink
Nisha at Dolci looking chic in pink
Nisha at Dolci looking chic in pink. 


Friday, June 8, 2012

Fashion for kids: PINK KERRIN

The association of pink with girls feels like a birthmark. 
Hot pink for teens and baby pink for children.
Love the inherited idea of wearing pink! :)
Either or, Its always chic! 
oh, by the way she is Elissa's younger sister. :D


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am sexy and I am dead!

Hehaahawwhawwwwww... I am sexy and I am dead!

Prints reveal a lot of your mood too. Be it fun, serious, chic or elegant. 
So, when you go shop the next time and find a print like this attractive, it means that you believe in looking sexy and beautiful even after death! ;)

I am sexy and I am dead! Prints for women's tee
I am sexy and I am dead! Prints for women's tee
I am sexy and I am dead! Prints for women's tee

Model: Parinita
Caption Idea: Akangsha

A Quirky Story- The Bombay Store

Gone are those days for the love of brands when you dreamt of lying on a perfect tanned leather couch in a coco’s LBD wearing Jimmy Choo and patting your cat. After all, anyone can do that (an exaggerated version of thinking the straightway to a luxurious life)! What we need is creativity and freshness in life today. We need a story behind our possessions and a style ahead of our ancestors. These characteristics reflect our choices in products we buy.

Not only in Bombay, but you can call it a store representing the whole of India. It is a place where history blends into the urban expression. They call it ‘A Perfect blend of Traditional and Contemporary Style’.

Recently opened in Bangalore’s 1 MG mall, 'The Bombay Store' has its second location set in Bangalore. With a history of over 100 years now, The Bombay Store was renamed from 'The Bombay Swadeshi Store' in 1991 keeping in mind the fact of delivering rich Indian stories in a quirky urban cover, which people like and want both. In simple words, the store sells a variety of products with an Indian essence in a contemporary style.

I find this store like a permanent flea market with the concept of fast fashion as well as a retainer of the cultural identity. People have brought the fashion of flea markets at a different level today (here and here). They draw inspiration from legacies to justify their creative anticipation. The moral of the story is that they want new, quirky and innovative products. This is exactly what The Bombay store does!

Have a look at some of the products from the wide range of artifacts, fashion, home decor, stationary etc I am loving from the store. The best part is that these are available at affordable prices! Do visit their facebook page and website to for more updates.

Rajasthan inspired stole and flip-flops at The Bombay Store.

Indian Monuments inspired Tissue box to make your table look colorful by The Bombay Store.

Bollywood Actor Dev Anand inspired tie from The Bombay Store.

Brocade inspired evening Potli bags by The Bombay Store.

Indian motifs kites and birds inspiration for digital print on purse by The Bombay Store.

Elephant- the very Indian looking motif on a clutch by The Bombay Store.