Friday, February 24, 2012

A Village in the City!

Saturated with elements of urbanisation and a colour palette of minimalist looks on sleek plain modernist lines, is this luxury all we want? Do we realise how precious these days are the old and the vintage? The importance of emotions and stories attached to them is irreplaceable. The world seems to run back to reconnect to the old and the story-telling idea of living with culture.

Sorry, that might have been too long of an intro! Probably some personal love attached! ;)

So, just a weekday afternoon, I happen to find a village in the city. Located on the top floor of Centrals at JP Nagar, a theme based restaurant on the lines of bringing back the traditional culture and cuisine. An initiation by Kambala Hospitality group who deal into catering and banquet services quote it as:
Village, the soul of India is the first unique theme restaurant which revives the long forgotten traditions and culinary secrets of the Indian culture and heritage. Village, the soul of India pampers your visit with a no time limit policy, variety of regional entertainment & attractions; a gigantic spread of six different cuisines from all over India and you can shop for some memorabilia too.”
With branches in many cities, they realize that it’s not food which they want to serve people with, but an experience of interaction & traditional dining. There are stages for puppet shows, kachi-ghodi dance(from kutch), dandiya, astrologers etc.  
Log on here to know more. And I learnt that there is one branch in Indore too (my hometown) :D
The moment I saw the place, click was that it has to come on my blog! ;p

Thanks Mr. Ramkumar Singh for sharing the information and permissions. 

That's the reception! 
The perfect Village look!
Tea-pot Lanterns!

The School

The Tabela! ;p

A wall installation!

Cushioned Ghee Tins as a stool!

ongoing puppet shows

Rickshaw wala installaation!

This one' funny- Theka!

A merry-go-round!

Hair Salon! :p

The buffet stall

Central Jail:P

Truck Art!

Monday, February 20, 2012


A pointless thought struggles in your mind, looks as you just took a breathe. The sun blocks your eyesight. It were to show you some direction. On the deserted land, each time I try to grow a seed, he ploughs it out. The nails run to scratch my own skin. The door slams open at midnight. The shoes tear off while walking. I didnt even make an escape yet. Is it time?

You dressed up pink that day. The day went blue. May it be tangerine or spring outside; I just see a grayscale. Not even grays. Either white or black! While I embrace white, black scares me; while Black embraces me, I kill white. Are we done?

It always is! A monotonous melancholy. A dreamer's bad dream. If not today, it shall come tomorrow. And you figure breathing in an empty is all required. Then you forget breathing with people. Then you can't even see you in the mirror. The whiteness outshines.

But, the silence lets you hear your heart still beating. At least a drop of water makes the noise. The more you ignore, the more you attract. It will settle down. And so will thy thoughts.

It's a ramp-walk. Remember Carrie doing it for Dolce?? 

“When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep walking.”
- Carrie Bradshaw quotes.

Life settles down! It always will!


PINK été

As blows of cold winds minimize,
A midnight summer's dream comes in my eyes.
A change of the color palette
And blooms of the floral collet;
Soothing sunshine on my mind.

This is when the darks get light;
And the shades get pale.

There will be a touch of pink this summer,
and forever!

Welcome Summer!
Welcome Pink!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


5 girls. Handsome streets. 
Happy music.  Hippie encounters.
Hours of dancing. Sun-bathing.
Gazing endlessly at the sea.
Beachy affairs. Cheap shopping.
Cool sunglasses. Hand painted graphics and signage.
Super-saturated colors. Weather-worn surfaces.
Authentic shabbiness. Portuguese heritage.
Tons of walking. Plenty of clicking.
Loads of sunscreen. Resultant- Tanning! 

That’s what happened. Guilty to admit: my first ever visit to Goa. 
But, better late than never. Inspires me for a make-shift approach to graphic and design.
Sharing some colorful snaps I clicked around during the trip.

images by me, wgsn
wish to be there again! soon!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love. Cupid. Valentine. : Dove. Stupid. I am fine!

Here comes a Valentine day.
Where gravity did not make people fall in love, where things weren’t planned; but they happened!
And it happened for the good. It happened for the merriness. For it connects, it springs and it brings smiles.
Its love, its faith; if it ain’t enough, it’s never late. Its like a bosom hugging the stardust.

Wishing my lovely reader’s a happy Valentine’s day. Hope everyone celebrates being happy and amusive. Well, it’s just a day when you are reminded of expressing your love to your Valentine. Coz, the rest of the days would keep you busy with fights & work and offices & perks. 

An obvious remark, nostalgia runs into our minds speedily enough to not let us stop thinking that way. I wish I could share my funny stories of the day. But, I won’t!

While in a thought of doing something else after having planned for the day, I got curious on digging up the history. Named after Christian martyr(s) Saint Valentine, it is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards. Valentine, a priest secretly married men who were soldiers. This was against the Roman emperor’s wish and hence he was executed. Before his execution, he wrote a letter to a girl reading, “from your Valentine”. Hence, the culture began.

Sharing some pictures I collected for the post. Hope you enjoy the captions! :)

Be my valentine! <3 Via

Propose with cookies; I felt your heart! Via Etsy
With love- from Paris; love on the cards; Its d only word! Via Etsy
I am cupid; For the love of coffee; Heart-beats! Via Etsy

Yes,I am cupid! Via
Carrie had to be here when I talk about love and! Via 
The perfect couple? The perfect picture? The perfect half pictures! Via
This one is Anti-Valentine Via
From the bottom of my heart. via
A teddy has to be in the story! Don't forget the first coffee you had! :) Via
And you know all the Dance steps. Via

"Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear." -John Lennon

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