Sunday, August 19, 2012

DARE TO DENIM- 11 different ways

<noun> Den·im/ˈdenəm/
A must-have in everyone’s wardrobe irrespective of the sex and season because it never goes out of trend. Ever!
Denim is a staple element owned by all of us today. It mustn’t have come to your notice, but you wear it for almost one-third of your lifetime or maybe more. In many fashionable ways, denim is a versatile and well accepted fabric to wear clothes more


Friday, August 17, 2012


I eloped into the unexplored,
Something that they call wild.
There was monotony in my day,
And I was far too alive to stay happy and gay.

Met curiosity on the way
Ditching gospels wherever they came
Apricots, marmalade, mandarins and zinnia,
Lay their surprises on my toe.

It was a schmoose of hours and ages,
Cut down by the stars gazing.
And then it felt so-
Every day must have a dawn
The way every citrus does have a sweet horn.

Style Citrus- Interpretation

This is my old celebrated thought of interpreting kinetics in colours. Tangerine was long declared the colour of the year, but it took me a while to figure out my idea of going tangelo! With the collar accessory making a statement these days, I got a collar made out of the tango citrus- Bright, Bold and Neon. Wearing solids can be more fun than I ever imagined. You can play around with accessories here. Not to forget the accent colors. For instance, the neon pink on the edge of collar and on my lips.

My perfect notion of being Citrus- After all, it does have a sweet horn.
PS: A special thanks to Ankit Sabharwal for the awesome photo-shoots. :)


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Winter is almost here and so are animal prints. Let’s get some wilderness out on you. Animal skins have vestured us from ages. The prints continue to do the same today. Zebra, cheetah, snake prints and many others show a sense of boldness and confidence. Also that winter is around, these better be attacking your closets now. And the list of products you can own is just endless- from clothes to cloaks, bags to boots, jewelery to jackets and more