Sunday, June 12, 2011


A fashion and textile graduate from NIFT, currently working as a designer for major formal menswear brands in Bangalore. Female. 22. A passionate writer, geeky shopper, vagabond surfer, dislikes chess for no reason and one of the many purposes of my life is to have my own shoe library one day.

Bindigasm is an expression of aesthetics. In movement. In people. In places. It celebrates fashion as a way of life. 
While man’s denims were born out of mines in the US, women stalking from the battlefields of WWII, Bindigasm neither limits itself to haute couture (high fashion), nor is a part of the archives. It intends to ENTERTAIN, INFORM and INFLUENCE people in the society with one another.

All about fashion from street style, of new trends, with tips and ideas to flaunt and talk about straight facts in fashion. There is also Mini Fashion is for the younger ones- a street style fashion journal of kids.
Everything about design, arts, crafts and culture. From the vintage style to the 21st century techy inspirations. Everything old and new. Everything design and art.
People and places
Posts about interesting, creative, beautiful, handsome, vagabond, genius, noble, funny, careless, mysterious, naughty creatures on Bindigasm. You will get to know about them, their work, specialties, funny side, and syndromes they have or whatever that makes them famous. If you find any of these qualities in you and wish to be featured, feel free to email me! :)
Then there are places I visit- here and there, small and big, anywhere but lovely. There are ideas for decorating home, room or your workplace. 
A Minigasm is small quote board directing you to make your heart lighter, smile for 10 seconds and give you some positivity. An attempt to give you pleasure in a small quantity. 
Dear diary
Here is where I write my owl-y thoughts. I write when I get too much observant or get too many calories to burn or get gloomy or feel like a loner or want to acknowledge someone or something. It’s just something written more emotionally rather than thoughtfully. 

Hope this journal keeps you happy and amused!
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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Model: Anjali; Dress and photographer: Me; Accessories: Mix and match

Yes yes...I designed it! :D
Inspired from the old LOVE word unmistakably defined by RED for today’s summer.
Simple-chic-stylish-sexy! Pleasing silhouettes – up for a perfect evening!...oh,,merchandise it up with some shoes and accessories-you know!...reds,blacks,whites might do well.
The surface is a digitalised version of the vintage gardens with hues of the colours fenced around the theme VINTAGE VOICE making it a conversational print brimmed with romance. I designed it while I was doing my Graduation project for the "Jealous21" womenswear brand.

Add on your feedbacks peeps! Would love to hear them

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Once upon a time a young girl knew nothing about fashion. And the wind blew in her ears. She accidently went for studies in fashion and textiles, and then things began turning the unexpected way.
She studied fashion in India and Australia, developed deep interests in fashion, shopping [well, window shopping most of the times ;( ], shoes [thank Carrie Bradshaw for this ;)] and accessories; what to wear, how to wear, observing fashion sense in the people around…not even people-but places, statues, movies etc; the way colors make a picture frame beautiful, the sheen of glitter and the muteness of matt; the rainbow and the sunny days..and blah..blah..blah!
She currently works as a Fashion and Textile designer for a popular brand in India. Well, she is still crazy about art and paintings, if/if not she understands them! : P

And this here is her blog debut for fashion and lifestyle! A gambled attempt to fulfill her gaga writing and love for fashion and lifestyle as she witnesses- you know….BINDIGASM! about it..the naming ceremony was a pain. But my essentials for trends and fashion and identity and action are fulfilled....a state of maximal elan excitement!!

Not exactly equipped with all the requisites like an awesome digital SLR camera or photography skills or any partner in the game (well as of yet; p) or ample time to indulge into her leisure-love…but…..she doesn’t want any of this to affect much onto her plans.

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