Monday, January 30, 2012

Two days of Sunshine!

My mind anticipated and so I followed. A break to breakaway from the monotony. And I have fallen in love. I am in love with the sunshine! Sea, sand and sunshine was I could see. And I never felt so unbound before.

It is so hard to look at you,
But your warmth gives a pleasant feeling.
A feeling of unbounding my spirit.
Close to the waves, I hear the sound;
The sound of rejuvenation.
I go in a numb state of mind;
Where I care not of what I know not!
Where I care not of what I am aware of!
I cannot stare at you,
But I loathe your brightness,
I loathe not being with you.
And I loathe darkening under you,
Still, I have loved you.
And this time,
I have happily consumed you.
For my well being,
For your love giving,
I have cherished,
“The two days of sunshine!”


Friday, January 20, 2012


Aren't you bored of wearing your pretty ethnic Kurtis in the plain old style?? well, I am!

Being an Indian, I feel fashionably proud too! ;)
Sometimes, you will realize, of all razor-backs and the asymmetric dresses, you want to peel in some comfy and elegant ethnic wear! And, bet you, this post is a bliss for people who have compulsory ethnic wear in their workplaces and institutions! While scanning my wardrobe, my counting didn't stop till 17. Not a surprise, most of the Kurtis were from W!

The infatuation love started some 4 years ago, when I was impelled to buy some cotton Kurtis to survive the scorching heat of Ahmadabad summers. Since then, I have never looked back! :p

So, just borrowed some accessories from my western wardrobe and mixed them with the Kurti! You can look over the making of the brooch here. The broader the belt, the more amalgamation you get to do! Beaded colorful bracelet is thrift-ed from a street stall. Try getting accents out from here and there. I tried that with a green scrunchy and the bracelet.
PS: I love making braids to coordinate with these kinds of look.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


A famine of time leaves my verbal indulgence cloaked in the conceit of exploring myself.
"Oops, I bought too many shoes to wear!"

Just as I find the streets busy with cars and buses; markets filled with colours and surprises; situations with encounters of reaching the finish line- I try having a conference with my mind and heart to buckle up and put a foot forward.

Kitting out of the house wearing the same bag and often the same green scrunchy all week (glad, it takes lesser time to change shoes ;)) got me into the thought of taking a break, sitting somewhere less obvious and enjoy the sunshine while I could scribble something to recollect my thoughts. With an ongoing list of penning down the to-do tasks- right from checking out the sales in various shops to getting material for decking up my room and even remembering to get milk every evening- I end up yawning when I open my laptop after reaching home. The weekend comes and waves off in a period lesser than seeing a shooting star.

For all I could say is I still love it, when you realise that 24 hours aren’t enough for you! The canvases are still white and the coffee still warm! :)

My idea of busyness got me into this craziness. Flaunting my new jacket which so much depicts my mood and the busyness I am sieged with, I ended up creating some CRAZY-BUSY-CRAZY and weird graphics.

Here are some pictures I didn't mess up! ;)

Be busy; be crazy!

Monday, January 9, 2012



People! Time for getting in your shoes and do the Tango!
Pantone color Institute has announced Tango Tangerine as the color of the year 2012.

                Roses need not be red now! Orange roses suggest a deeper love affair.
                                                                                                               - Vogue, January 2012 

Chosen because of its “sophisticated and dramatic undertones,” Tangerine Tango (Pantone 17-1463) is a continuation of last year’s winner, Honeysuckle (Pantone 18-2120). The 2011 winner was said to be “inspiration to face life’s everyday troubles with verve and vigour,” with Tangerine Tango building off of that by giving an “energy charge” to move forward. Pretty dramatic language, but these people take their colours seriously.

Seems like its a mixture of emotions and reactions and observations! A marriage of the adrenaline rush of red and the warmth of yellow!

Let’s have a look at the tangerine mood and some tips/looks to show how you can use the colour to discharge its prominence or make it your accent! Colors are picked up from fashion, film, technology, art, popular travel destination, and “other socio-economic conditions.”

Tangerine is being picked up by fashion influencers and young consumers. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Christopher Kane, Mark Fast, Hermès, Dior, Marc Jacobs Nanette Lepore and Elie Tahari have shown the love for tangerine in their SS12 collections.

Nanette Lepore SS12 Collection 

Elie Tahari  SS12 Collection    
  • Tangerine stands out when used with white and black. So, it shows effectiveness in posters, signs etc. Its used as a point of sale to attract attention and make more of a fashion statement than using red, yellow or brasher alternatives.
  • MAKE-UP lovers, don’t worry, you’ll get something for your lips, nails and cheeks too. The color is rushing all over the fashion domain.
  • Check out how you can get inspired to wear the dramatic color-
When paired with brown, it brings out an amber cast.

   It has a deeper, more complex aspect than the more obvious brash pop colors.

Use it to dress fun, enticing and exotic windows

  •  If you still feel, its too much of a color, you can always go for accessories in tangerine with subtle shades in clothes! Be it bags or shoes or jewelry pieces.


    Images- WGSN/ clicked

    Happy Tango!

    Sunday, January 8, 2012


    Frankly, the only word I was interested in was 'SHIFT'.
    Have you ever thought how often we shift the use of things they were actually meant for? Call it Jugaad or smartness or laziness! It is what it is! Gone are the days when things are used practically for the reason they were once invented! Not even earlier, this was a statement!

    We know the relation between a pencil and a cassette; both having different altogether uses, yet we could rewind the cassette with the pencil! we can hold a hair bun with a pencil; we use old wine bottles to grow money-plant; we use newspaper to clean glass; we could break a walnut through the hinges of a door; burn a rocket from an empty bottle; open lockers with pins; clean combs with toothbrushes; make pen-holder out of tin cans-- what a shift!

    I am sure I have missed out many! So, it seems I can feel nostalgic while posting on a fashion blog too! :p .... OK...nostalgia apart!...

    So, I thought of posting about a shift in fashion with scarves. 
    Wardrobe courtesy: Jealous21
    J21 scarf denims fit awesome btw! :)

    Bored with wearing them around your neck?? Hope you have already followed my post on scarf styles here before getting bored! Who wears it only with that same old boring way by hanging around the neck?? (...some male politicians...) 
    So, I introduce to you a shift in scarves! take them out of your neck now!! 

    hope you get inspired! :)
    have a great day!


    Friday, January 6, 2012


    Wishing my readers a very happy new year! [Better late than never ;)]And I found an interesting way of expressing of my thoughts this time!

    Talking about Resolutions!
    Resolutions turn into revolutions! So, am not up for any resolutions this time! 


    It’s a new year. So, why not start afresh?


    A famous boring fact :l


    Whatever you do, never be regular! ;)


    Yes, bad things happen! Nevertheless, that is how you should treat them! 


    Do keep this in mind!


    When all else fails?


    In the end, for a wonderful beginning~