Monday, January 30, 2012

Two days of Sunshine!

My mind anticipated and so I followed. A break to breakaway from the monotony. And I have fallen in love. I am in love with the sunshine! Sea, sand and sunshine was I could see. And I never felt so unbound before.

It is so hard to look at you,
But your warmth gives a pleasant feeling.
A feeling of unbounding my spirit.
Close to the waves, I hear the sound;
The sound of rejuvenation.
I go in a numb state of mind;
Where I care not of what I know not!
Where I care not of what I am aware of!
I cannot stare at you,
But I loathe your brightness,
I loathe not being with you.
And I loathe darkening under you,
Still, I have loved you.
And this time,
I have happily consumed you.
For my well being,
For your love giving,
I have cherished,
“The two days of sunshine!”



  1. Beautifully written and expressed :) :) being able to pen down your thoughts through a poem is such a gift :) :)


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