Sunday, January 15, 2012


A famine of time leaves my verbal indulgence cloaked in the conceit of exploring myself.
"Oops, I bought too many shoes to wear!"

Just as I find the streets busy with cars and buses; markets filled with colours and surprises; situations with encounters of reaching the finish line- I try having a conference with my mind and heart to buckle up and put a foot forward.

Kitting out of the house wearing the same bag and often the same green scrunchy all week (glad, it takes lesser time to change shoes ;)) got me into the thought of taking a break, sitting somewhere less obvious and enjoy the sunshine while I could scribble something to recollect my thoughts. With an ongoing list of penning down the to-do tasks- right from checking out the sales in various shops to getting material for decking up my room and even remembering to get milk every evening- I end up yawning when I open my laptop after reaching home. The weekend comes and waves off in a period lesser than seeing a shooting star.

For all I could say is I still love it, when you realise that 24 hours aren’t enough for you! The canvases are still white and the coffee still warm! :)

My idea of busyness got me into this craziness. Flaunting my new jacket which so much depicts my mood and the busyness I am sieged with, I ended up creating some CRAZY-BUSY-CRAZY and weird graphics.

Here are some pictures I didn't mess up! ;)

Be busy; be crazy!


  1. Thats a superb jacket and those are some great graphics..would love to see some more of this work from you :)

  2. Thanks Purvi...I feel moralised! ;)


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