Sunday, January 8, 2012


Frankly, the only word I was interested in was 'SHIFT'.
Have you ever thought how often we shift the use of things they were actually meant for? Call it Jugaad or smartness or laziness! It is what it is! Gone are the days when things are used practically for the reason they were once invented! Not even earlier, this was a statement!

We know the relation between a pencil and a cassette; both having different altogether uses, yet we could rewind the cassette with the pencil! we can hold a hair bun with a pencil; we use old wine bottles to grow money-plant; we use newspaper to clean glass; we could break a walnut through the hinges of a door; burn a rocket from an empty bottle; open lockers with pins; clean combs with toothbrushes; make pen-holder out of tin cans-- what a shift!

I am sure I have missed out many! So, it seems I can feel nostalgic while posting on a fashion blog too! :p .... OK...nostalgia apart!...

So, I thought of posting about a shift in fashion with scarves. 
Wardrobe courtesy: Jealous21
J21 scarf denims fit awesome btw! :)

Bored with wearing them around your neck?? Hope you have already followed my post on scarf styles here before getting bored! Who wears it only with that same old boring way by hanging around the neck?? (...some male politicians...) 
So, I introduce to you a shift in scarves! take them out of your neck now!! 

hope you get inspired! :)
have a great day!



  1. Great shifts and cute you in the pictures :) :)

  2. 4th pic is good.. looking like soha ali khan in 8th pic..


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