Friday, January 20, 2012


Aren't you bored of wearing your pretty ethnic Kurtis in the plain old style?? well, I am!

Being an Indian, I feel fashionably proud too! ;)
Sometimes, you will realize, of all razor-backs and the asymmetric dresses, you want to peel in some comfy and elegant ethnic wear! And, bet you, this post is a bliss for people who have compulsory ethnic wear in their workplaces and institutions! While scanning my wardrobe, my counting didn't stop till 17. Not a surprise, most of the Kurtis were from W!

The infatuation love started some 4 years ago, when I was impelled to buy some cotton Kurtis to survive the scorching heat of Ahmadabad summers. Since then, I have never looked back! :p

So, just borrowed some accessories from my western wardrobe and mixed them with the Kurti! You can look over the making of the brooch here. The broader the belt, the more amalgamation you get to do! Beaded colorful bracelet is thrift-ed from a street stall. Try getting accents out from here and there. I tried that with a green scrunchy and the bracelet.
PS: I love making braids to coordinate with these kinds of look.


  1. I do that too, gives the kurtis a brand new twist :) :) great poses by the way :) :)

  2. that red dress and you.. perfect girl..


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