Saturday, March 31, 2012


It had been long, I came up with a street style post- ACTUAL street style [I mean, complimenting strangers walking on the road  and asking them to pose for you].
So,  here is a lady from Arunachal Pradesh I spectated the other day. The look is wild and blue- a confidence driven chemistry of colors. Blue and animal prints do show out your boldness. Like her look!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

After the summer sunset- "Turn 24" Rebecca

Akangsha in a floral asymmetric dress.

Aparna in a mustard jumpsuit.

Birthday girl in total casuals with Aparna and Sonakshi

A few days back, it was a Turn 24 for Rebecca and a reason for us to enjoy that moment of hers.
With a decorated FB event page, she invited everyone to her party.
And, obvious that we were to go all dressed up. So we did. Hence the pictures here. ;)

And then rest is history. the talks of the twenties, feelings of holding a Barbie, holding balloons and that big-eyed panda; wearing caps, listening her brother and friends play guitar, OMG Rebecca singing...

A trend update-
Mustards, florals, jumpsuits, asymmetric dresses- is what I want to bring your focus on! 

Here we were after the sunset, at a Turn 24 phase. Light moments, dressy movements! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Bring out your summer essentials. It’s time!
Light cottons shirts, floral dresses, shorts, flip-flops, SPF lotions, new diet regimes, hats and of course the summer staple sunglasses. While we have a plush variety in choosing the rest, sunglasses are something to be carefully chosen. They protect, decorate and hide your sins after all!

Some of my current favorites + (obviously) in-trend are:

With the neon trend fuming the summer season, neon colour sunglasses top the list. Wear them with colour blocking outfits or floral dresses or when you wear pinches of neon elsewhere. They certainly make a statement.

You can find floral, animal printed, stripes in all styles. They chin up your saucy casual look for everyday.

Adding mystery to your beautiful features, they look great when worn with open hair and smart-casuals or denims or even sophisticated dresses.

While I feel the classic ones look best on men (remember how handsome Tom Cruise looked in Top-Gun), they are available in many tints today. My fav is a yellow tinted aviator. It lets you see everything yellow and sunny, but keeps your eyes protected!

And there are many more. Side detailed, Wayfarers, Heart shaped- Lolita sunglasses (as they call it), the rounded, Cat eyes, Rimless, Wrap around, John lennon etc etc etc..

A few tips-
  • Choose them only after learning your face type. Then you have heaps of styles and designs to choose and rock your outfit.
  • Try as many as you can before buying.
  • Remember- Imitating your fav celebrity style sunglasses does not work all the time.
  • It’s fun to buy cheap ones. Though, you should have atleast one pair of sunglasses which ACTUALLY protects your eyes, its fun to try some cheap ones as well. Afterall, you gotta look great!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


A neon pink jacket worn by Aparna the other day. Neon is so making a comeback with a big bang again this season.
Started with some alien experiments and discoveries of lights and electricity, it was the Pop era which caught the fashion leaders eye to start the neon trend. 
There were neon lights in clubs and parties. There were neon beach wear designs by Robin Piccone in the 80s. The kids and street smartys took up the trend right away.
And we keep on bringing it up in new ways every time.
More on neon to come up soon!:)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aditi Bhatt- Accessories and more!

2011 Nift graduate specializing in Fashion and Lifestyle Accessory Design has come up with her own unique way making jewelry and other accessories.
I happen to look over her work and contacted to write about her.

Aditi Bhatt- Accessories and more...
Contemporary. Colorful. Vibrant. It’s a parade of color hues you’ve never-seen-before. Add dash to your life with collection like Color Carnival and the Jali collection.

The Color Carnival is a misc of spontaneity in colors and the way they mix. Bright neons, deep hues and pastel combinations characterize much of the color carnival.
While, there is this amazing Jali collection with metallic sheen and pinch of fabulously coordinating colors giving a royal look in a contemporary way.

She mixes her crazy ideas of visualizing colors and practicality of metal together to come up these stunning neckpieces, rings, bracelets, earrings etc. Not just fashionable, but hard-wearing too- thinking against all the hutsy-dutsy fragile accessories you get these days!

She currently sells her products through online portals and some design boutiques all across India.You can know more about the label on Facebook.
Love them. Best wishes to you. :)




Friday, March 9, 2012


My lazy bum could'nt go out to get some street shots. I prayed. God sent me a colleague suitable for the posts on bindigasm! ;)
Meet Rebecca, new designer for Sculler's Womenswear. So mean of me to take advantage of her! hehe...nevermind!

She is jolly girl carrying a bundle of musings. She can sing well, has so many secret tattoos on her body, recently sacrificed her bouncy curly long hair for god know what reason (or maybe summers) and is an efficient Cook!
*[All facts only heard except the tattoo part, proof required for all!]

Welcome Rebecca! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012


"Ancient Gods and Goddesses, 
I invoke thee. 
Colors from the sky, 
Let it be."

"Change its color
As soon as I wear it
Lavender, pink, turquoise, gray
A wonderful perfect fit."

"If I must pay 
This pant's price 
I shall be young
as well as wise."

Haha! that was a mote of my newly encountered stupidity. It started when I was thinking of doing a post on the new Magic denims by Jealous21. My funny idea of linking these magic denims with some real magic. And, can you imagine- there are so many websites teaching you how to cast spells? curiosity entertained me today. 
FYI- There are spells available online to change your eye colors, make your boyfriend call you or even grow your hair longer just in a night!! gaush...why waste so much on cosmetics? ;p

Oki, coming back to the magic denims. This summer J21 got some magic thing for you. Magic denims that change color on temperature change, even when they touch your body. So, the hotter you are, the faster it changes color. Ain't it interesting?

Available in 4 shades of lavender, gray, blue and turquoise and obviously with perfect fit sizes, they seem to be an awesome & essential summer wardrobe element. Your pastel looks will magically come out! My personal fav is the turquoise which changes to pastel cyan.
Have a look at the Gifs I tried from the shoot.
Hope you cast a spell to get one of these! ;P

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happy summers!