Wednesday, March 21, 2012


A neon pink jacket worn by Aparna the other day. Neon is so making a comeback with a big bang again this season.
Started with some alien experiments and discoveries of lights and electricity, it was the Pop era which caught the fashion leaders eye to start the neon trend. 
There were neon lights in clubs and parties. There were neon beach wear designs by Robin Piccone in the 80s. The kids and street smartys took up the trend right away.
And we keep on bringing it up in new ways every time.
More on neon to come up soon!:)


  1. I love Neons in small doses, my team mates do cringe at the sight of neon nail polish on my nails, so I stopped wearing em...

  2. Loved the neon jacket...will wait for more neon !;)
    btw, liked the way you described neon :)

  3. like the look..the jacket goes well with the jeans and bag!!!


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