Saturday, March 24, 2012


Bring out your summer essentials. It’s time!
Light cottons shirts, floral dresses, shorts, flip-flops, SPF lotions, new diet regimes, hats and of course the summer staple sunglasses. While we have a plush variety in choosing the rest, sunglasses are something to be carefully chosen. They protect, decorate and hide your sins after all!

Some of my current favorites + (obviously) in-trend are:

With the neon trend fuming the summer season, neon colour sunglasses top the list. Wear them with colour blocking outfits or floral dresses or when you wear pinches of neon elsewhere. They certainly make a statement.

You can find floral, animal printed, stripes in all styles. They chin up your saucy casual look for everyday.

Adding mystery to your beautiful features, they look great when worn with open hair and smart-casuals or denims or even sophisticated dresses.

While I feel the classic ones look best on men (remember how handsome Tom Cruise looked in Top-Gun), they are available in many tints today. My fav is a yellow tinted aviator. It lets you see everything yellow and sunny, but keeps your eyes protected!

And there are many more. Side detailed, Wayfarers, Heart shaped- Lolita sunglasses (as they call it), the rounded, Cat eyes, Rimless, Wrap around, John lennon etc etc etc..

A few tips-
  • Choose them only after learning your face type. Then you have heaps of styles and designs to choose and rock your outfit.
  • Try as many as you can before buying.
  • Remember- Imitating your fav celebrity style sunglasses does not work all the time.
  • It’s fun to buy cheap ones. Though, you should have atleast one pair of sunglasses which ACTUALLY protects your eyes, its fun to try some cheap ones as well. Afterall, you gotta look great!


  1. Love the vintage style ones and the aviators! I am obsessed with sunglasses..Got 3 pairs this week!!One of them have neon orange sides:-)Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  2. my fav is oversized and tinted glasses.. they are super chic..


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