Tuesday, March 27, 2012

After the summer sunset- "Turn 24" Rebecca

Akangsha in a floral asymmetric dress.

Aparna in a mustard jumpsuit.

Birthday girl in total casuals with Aparna and Sonakshi

A few days back, it was a Turn 24 for Rebecca and a reason for us to enjoy that moment of hers.
With a decorated FB event page, she invited everyone to her party.
And, obvious that we were to go all dressed up. So we did. Hence the pictures here. ;)

And then rest is history. the talks of the twenties, feelings of holding a Barbie, holding balloons and that big-eyed panda; wearing caps, listening her brother and friends play guitar, OMG Rebecca singing...

A trend update-
Mustards, florals, jumpsuits, asymmetric dresses- is what I want to bring your focus on! 

Here we were after the sunset, at a Turn 24 phase. Light moments, dressy movements! :)


  1. Tail dresses are everywhere...love the floral dress


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