Monday, June 4, 2012


I met Tanushree at a flea market some days ago and there was an instant love with the products she displayed - not ignoring her passion to tell me about them while I was simply visiting. So, I decided to have a tête-à-tête with her to know more about KaraaShilp- her handcrafted label.

You and KaraaShilp?
My passion for handcrafted things made me step out of the Virtual world of IT and step into the real beautiful life. Therefore, KaraaShilp was born out of the need to follow my passion religiously and create unique things, especially from the tossed out things.

Tanushree Nair from KaraaShilp
What does KaraaShilp mean?
KaraaShilp means "Hand Craft”. Through KaraaShilp, we wish to revive the interest and appreciation for meticulously and passionately made handcrafted products and also fuse them with western elements to make contemporary and functional lifestyle products.

How do you think green? Or ethical?
KaraaShilp up cycles/recycles materials wherever possible and make exquisite, usable products. In addition, our association with an NGO- Prithvi from Ahmednagar empowers women.
"Ojos De Dios" aka "God's Eye" home decor made by Prithvi.

The idea for this came when I saw my stash of old, non-fitting denims lying around and too dear for me to throw them off. That is when I decided to cut them to make a bag for myself and since I am crazy about crocheting, I added some fun crochet embellishments. This was my first bag.

Tanushree's first bag made from an old denim and handcrafted with Crochet- KaraaShilp
Since a woman can never have enough bags, I played around with different materials and techniques to make these bags. As much as they are recycled, they are sturdy, chic, stylish and eco-friendly too. Anybody interested in disposing of their old cargo/ denims/ corduroys can put a line? :)

What is your Product range?
From bags/totes, home decor to personal accessories, jewellery, garden products, crochet products, any idea that is unique, creative and functional.

KaraaShilp product range with Crochet- Chandeliers, earring holder, reusable tin cans, frames, fridge magnets, key holders etc.

Different styles of Denim Bags made from old discarded denims and other fabrics- KaraaShilp.
Tanushree Nair on facebook

Image source: KaraaShilp



  1. Good work Miss Mehta. Products are as chic as Tanushree herself !!!!

  2. I am much inspired and flattered with Tarushree's work. Very creative and talented.
    The denim bag being my favorite. Great work!!!

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