Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Of beautifully handcrafted products- with love and colors, with care for nature and a social cause, here is a story about Tattvam- a label by Preeti Maneesh (her name actually has 4 'e's) who makes amazing customised home decor products and fancy jewellery.

I am associated with art & craft since I was six and did its & bits of everything. Greeting cards, doll houses with shoe boxes, stitching tiny clothes for my dolls, painting, sketching, rangoli, candles, textile art, henna art, embroidery, graphic designing & the list goes on. With no knowledge about pursuing a carrier related to those activities, I worked in a corporate sector for two donkey years and finally realised that I wasn’t meant for it. So, I picked up my sketch pencils and paintbrushes, studied fashion from NIFT and launched Tattvam. Now, I am just happy doing what I do.

My baby venture was born on March 29th 2011. Product & Jewellery designing was an accidental love and grew into passion. I experimented with many products. Finally, paper jewellery came into existence & so was fabric jewellery. I also have products for home Decor. Initially I used to personally handcraft all the products. The products became a big hit and I started getting orders, so I decided to take Tattvam to a new level.

Tattvam is not just into making creative products but also provides employment to the less fortunate women in the society. In association with an NGO called RAPID, I have employed women who assist me with the knick-knacks. With this, Tattvam also encourages women fraternity and under-privileged families to take up craft activities & helps them make a fair living.
This has been our journey so far with Tattvam. Thanks to my super supportive husband, Ma & Pa (in laws) and my parents without whom Tattvam was just not possible.  

My products are available at my home studio. We also customize gifts. People can call me on +91 8050156650 and drop by or even write to me at tattvam.bengaluru@gmail.com for custom-made gifts. I also exhibit through flea markets held every now and then in Bangalore. 

Quiet an ethnic and quirky logo- Tattvam

Preeti's workspace- Its not messy!

Paper origami earrings - polka dotted by Tattvam. Love

Another love. Fabric earrings by Tattvam

Key holders. She calls her collection- 'Aur Chaabi kho jaaye' by Tattvam
Hand painted Chai Kullads called as 'The Bengaluru Mugs' by Tattvam

Customized  photo frames by Tattvam
Images courtesy- Tattvam. Thanks Preeti :)


  1. Those things are love at first sight...loved all of them...especially the customised photo frame. Wonderful post,Pranita :)

  2. Looks interesting :) I anyways love all the handmade stuff :)

  3. Thanks Pranita and Thanks Swarnali, Purvi % Shreya Sonar :) Do see more of our products on www.facebook.com/TATTVAM .. We are launching a new product line in June :)

  4. The stuff looks lovely! is it available in Bombay?

  5. What gorgeous products and creativity.


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