Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fashion for Kids: LADYLIKE

Meet this lovely little lady all dressed up just waiting to hear- “Ready, get, set, GO!”

Interesting how kids can carry themselves so Ladylike- white shorts with an embellished top, feather earrings, bracelet and that hair band. In those glittery shoes, she carries a classic sling bag across her shoulders. 

Did I miss anything? Is there anything to be missed?
Just Ladylike!



  1. She is adorable. and she carries herself so well . the smile on her face completes the entire look :)

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  3. It always makes me smile when I see kids dressing like an adult. They're too cute. She's pretty with her cross body bag.

  4. She has on such a cute outfit:) You have a really great blog.


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