Sunday, May 13, 2012

MOVERS and SHAKERS- check your etiquette.

I have been restless since a long time to write something about Movers & Shakers. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever noticed people sitting next to you in a meeting room or in the bus? Do you know that there is a similarity between humans and pigeons? Try recalling the way pigeons and ducks bob their heads while walking.

leg fidgeting habit
Leg fidgeting- a common habit among people (via
Got it yet? I am talking about the restlessness certain people have of fidgeting their legs. The way they wiggle their legs unconsciously. Seems like their legs have a mind of their own! Well, you might think it as an unnecessary point to discuss about, but I feel it is fair enough to show my discomfort over it! (And unconsciously of many others too).
Therefore, I declare that I do not fidget and I hate fidgeters. In simple words, I do not shake my legs and I do not like people shaking their legs!
You see, I took the pain of knowing what both the parties have to say about it-

Interestingly, there are some theories too related with shaking of legs. In Chinese, they say, shaking your legs leads to taking away of your good luck, health and wealth. While, in Japanese, they call it a ‘poor man’s shake’ who shakes his whole body shivering out of cold.
Well, actually, leg fidgeters burn 100 more calories than the normal people do. (But, oh c’mon! There are various other ways to burn your calories.)

Etiquette question? Who are you?
Those who do it know that shaking legs does not count in good etiquette. It is an involuntary action, which has become a habit, but to the viewer, apparently it is not! The viewer might be your boss or strangers around you. (Yeah, it also is vice versa many times!) The end is happy realization! It makes you as well as other happy! 

What the patients have to say? (The fidgeters)
  • Lol! Ya. I don’t know.
  • I am just restless.
  • I don’t know!         [*best*]
  • I think it is ‘The onset of Tourette’s syndrome’ (neurological disorder
  • I am a drummer too!
  • I don’t know!
  • Deep thoughts
  • It is not natural for humans to sit still for long periods. It's a modern convention to just sit on our butts all day. So, when doing so we naturally get restless sometimes. Hence the jiggling.
  • I'm the most appalling leg-jiggler. I tend to blame my low blood pressure - I figure my body is just trying any way to keep the stuff circulating.
  • I don’t know!
  • A student shakes his legs and drops his pen. When he bends to pick it up, he sees that many other students are doing the same. Therefore, it’s normal.
  • I don’t know!
What the victims have to say? (The observers)
  • It’s an eyesore. It just catches my eye and it’s so irritating.
  • How much energy do they actually have?
  • Is it a trick to lose weight?
  • Restless legs syndrome?
  • I guess this proves even zombies get the shakes.  [*best*]
  •  What? They get bored, so they fidget! Lol!
  • Especially if the seats are joined together and the whole row begins to shake.
(Sources- some yahoo answers and you tube videos)
Happy me!


  1. That was an amazing post Pranita!! I hate people who keep shaking their legs all the time and just don't stop however you ask them to!! The worst part is the whole bench starts shaking and it gets so irritating is however you try to stop it,it just keeps wobbling continuously!!

  2. Ugh! You have no clue how much I hate it too! It just distracts me! :x

  3. I am a total fidgeter! I am incapable of sitting still.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. quite interesting :)

  5. Im sure you probably dont remember, but im a Mover-n-shaker too. Good read but!
    keep up the good work!


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