Thursday, September 8, 2011


“People think that if they buy classics — a trench coat, or a V-neck sweater or a great pair of flat boots — they’re safe because they’ve invested in things that are gonna last 20 years. But within six months, it’s the wrong V-neck or the wrong flat boot, because suddenly the line is wrong. Fashion people are stimulated by proportion shifting — getting taller, getting thinner. Hemlines go up, hemlines go down. Shoes get wacky, shoes get clunky, shoes get skinny. The fastest things to date are those classics, cause it’s just proportions laid bare. There’s nothing else going on. If you had invested in a feathered chubby or an incredible crinoline, it’s never going to go out of style. I think the most eccentric things are the things that last the longest.” Sally Singer for Paper Magazine

couldn't resist quoting these lines. Love them. Hope you like them too. :)

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