Sunday, November 13, 2011


Whats your first thought? 

Philadelphia-based artist Matthew Cox layers embroidery on top of medical x-rays to create these wonderfully weird pieces. The clash of two such divergent materials, cloth and plastic, already seems strange enough but add in the fact that one is quick and technical while the other is labor intensive and you have something that's quite thought-provoking.

what an odd thought?
Words that seem to come up repeatedly are anachronistic, labor-intensive, meticulously crafted, and creepy, that's what the observers say! No wonder they say there's always so much new to do and explore even after the discovery of the different apples (in case you are wondering- I am talking about Newton's, Eve's and Steve's Job's apple :p) 
creepy at first but yeah, I give a score on the creativity! 

I have no idea how many of us can try it out and frame it on the wall in our rooms! I fear of skeletons!..ewwww! seems interesting enough to share!

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