Friday, April 6, 2012


Seasons may keep on changing, but the way you treat yourself on a weekend should never be unnatural. So, when its scorching hot - the tip is:

"Change your dressing style but not your weekend plans."

After all, you dress to be comfortable too, not only stylish! And, dressing with comfort and in style together proves you smart. Ain't it?

Absorb some quick facts for summer dressing-
  • Cottons, linen and voile absorb sweat from your body and keep you dry. Avoid wearing sateen or polyester. 
  • I know 'Black' looks awesome, but it can make you feel gruesome. It absorbs heat at higher level than other colors. Hence, pastels and neon are declared to be a summer trend. Not  just the reason that they only look awesome. ;)
  • Feel good factor for dressing- Spring yourself up. I mean Adding florals to your look.
  • Carry some water, SPF lotion, deodorant in your mini bag. Always.
  • Whatever you wear - the final and the must-have trim is your shades. Always!
More tips coming with the next Look! :)



  1. The mini is soo cute! Love how it has polka dots at the end! <3

  2. Dhaka is steaming hot right now, so I know what you are talking about. looking cute in that T!

  3. Aww so cute <3


  4. just stumbled upon ur da name !! following you ! :)

  5. some cool tips for the hot summer...i totally agree!!!

    like your look too...totally comfy and summer appropriate!!

  6. Great tips and loved ur bag..
    PS- I am following u now.. Would be glad if you visit my blog sometime too and follow me back if u like.. : )


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