Monday, December 17, 2012

STYLE STATEMENT - The true identity.

Last weekend was a day of consuming a high dose of fashion. Not exactly just fashion, but style! To be even more precise, let us call them style statements!

We might chant high mantras of heels, breathe trends inside out, exercise fashionably and do all the gumptious tasks to look beautiful, but what matters is the expression of your inner self. Hence, style statements take away the charm. When God intentionally created each of us so distinct, he made it sure that everyone of us gets to define his own statement in style.

The way she feels about leather, its texture and the smell or the texture and touch of faux leather stands her inside strength out. There is hope around every corner and so the eyes carry those wings. The moment those coral nails see the golden bird flying out of the ring, it relates to me as drenching into freshwater corals, if there are any! When you are confident, enough to stay on one side and everyone else takes the other side, those hair give you support. Also, there is a statement of style wherein she shows her geekiness not because she is geeky with the materialistic thoughts but because she is geeky with the immaterialistic emotions.

A ton thanks to Ruhi, Rhea, Ritu, Megha and Tamanna for posing and not posing. :)
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  1. wow amazing picture and I love the one sided hair style and the coral ring <3...great post

    Mimi (Mimzy's Closet)

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  3. Love this post! <3 You are so creative! :)
    Much love,

  4. Love the post Pranita! :)


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