Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It is normal if you wonder why I named this post as ‘Soda Unbottled’. Nothing like that stands out from her outfit though! Well, her name is Sai Sangeet Paliwal and she has her own label for home furnishings named SODA UNBOTTLED!

I met her on a Sunday at one of my fav hangout places in Bangalore. Turns out she graduated from NIFT ages ago (doesn’t seem like that, does it?) and opened up her label in 2007. Check out her facebook page here.
I feel like aiming at one shot and nailing two down. Yay!!

About her style first- Electric red and blue pop out of her like the soda is unbottled. Abstract floral printed top in chiffon puts a splash of colours on her. And the blue shoes and the red bag ordinate with it.

Well, I love your style. And your label too. Checkout a few pictures I fetched from her FB page with permission. Home products like cushions, clocks, lamps the unusual SODA way:

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