Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Just when it comes to men, whether life or fashion, I JUST CAN’T THINK! Ha-ha...Well, here I can’t think of any starting note! ;)
Yes..Yes...this post goes for men! And this post goes for Linen.
Ooh, I am in love with linen and what can I say about Men in Linen :D

So..yeah..Linen (and men) talks now:
It is old and it is raw. It is rich and it is so much in fashion.
Let's just say it was the official uniform of the guys who built the pyramids. And as the granddaddy of all natural fibres, it asks for too much care as well. It's like when you buy Linen, you also buy wrinkles! There was a time, in the 1920s, linen material was reserved only for white handkerchiefs and pocket squares. And now... the time has begone! Hence

And I would say it’s a MUST-HAVE in every guy’s wardrobe!
Yes, there are too many stars drawn after linen
Applying so many conditions, its numerous wrinkles and the care it needs! But, guys ought to compete with girls and their heels in some way afterall!

Here are some global fashion tips to flaunt Linen:

A plain linen tee speaking for itself accessorised lightly!

A shirt- plain white is so a must have. Pair it up raw like this or wear it tightly structured over your body, ergo, you seem to show-off your linen. Think of the classic white shirt and blue denim style!

The shirt and the scarf, that's what I call Linen-love! both look good!

A striped or a checked shirt gives you another story to talk. Ohk,,yeah, it looks more cool in a texture!” the short sleeves make it apt for summers.

And as the sky is baked, the summer definitely calls for linen and the neutral colours it is famous for. Here's a basic color rule for linen outfits: colored linen shirts go with white, gray or beige linen pants; white linen shirts go with colored, gray or beige linen pants.

A kurta style in linen shows your comfort.

linen shorts- a new cool casual statement- has put the product out of your house!

And now we are seriously talking about linen. The linen suites and blazers...ooh! rumpled or settled??...neat or raw??? Classy or casual?? Your call!
Linen blazers match best with jeans, wool or linen pants of a contrasting color. When it comes to matching shirts with linen blazers, any sweater, button-down or T-shirt in a muted color will make you look good.

Its sure that linen is fashionable- the slim cuts in silhouettes for pull-overs and jackets line this.

Some brands like Paul Smith, Billy Reid, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, Esprit, Allen Solly, Scullers, Urbana have come up with amazing Linen merchandise. There are many more. Yeah, summer’s gone but I tell you, Linen is awesome.
Images via the sartorialist, ASOS, Selecticism, French Connection.

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