Friday, July 29, 2011


To celebrate the 141st anniversary of Gandhi’s birth, and to reinvigorate his vision across a new generation in India, Leo Burnett advertising agency used his famous glasses as the basis for a new, unique font, which was showcased at Cannes Lions 58th International Festival of Creativity.
Typographers from Leo Burnett advertising agency created the “Gandhiji font” in Devanagari, India. It is also being launched in English and other Indian languages. They believe that Gandhi's teachings have the power to bring back peace and love into the world. The concept of using his glasses as a basis to create a new typeface is a clever and beautiful way of continuing his legacy, creating something modern and historically relevant.
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Elements of the glasses are separated, rotated and scaled to create each character. The subtlety of this linear design and its minimal styling makes it fresh and modern.
There’s just no limit to inspiration in this world. A piece of spectacles gave breathe to typography. I love the quirky style use of the new temple (which rests on your ears) to create the font-style. Design has rooted itself inculcating aspects of ideologies and history. I can just say WOW!
The font can be downloaded here .


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