Friday, July 8, 2011


Believe me, it was the toughest task and unlike some lucky bastards, this wasn’t spontaneous!
The idea of blogging was long settled in my mind and I had a bunch of usual names in my head- you know: fashionbook, fashion blog, fashion and style ..bla bla bla. But when it was time, I just couldn’t write these words to name my blog.
I wanted something sexy, stylish, unique, bold, chic, fashionable, catchy, interesting, ambiguous, fun, conversational, flowy, active, malleable, ductile, appropriate, fascinating, flamboyant, curious, easy, combined, frivolous etc…(can’t stop praising it :p)
The idea was to be on the safer side, because I have no clue where I will drive this blog for years to come! So, I’ve kept as many options open as I can to hop from one to another! :D
Well, for the naming ceremony I bugged my brother and some of my friends who found it extremely entertaining to help me.

Influence of studying in Gujarat, hanging around with friends from marketing background, and having a brother who is an engineer!
Well, people having confusion with the suffix can simply read this (

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