Monday, July 25, 2011


'Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.'
-Theodore Roosevelt

My Boring schedule:
I wake up, I get ready for work, I eat my breakfast, I work, I eat lunch, I work again, I feel sleepy, I sip tea, I leave office, I enjoy my evening, I eat dinner, I watch tv, And now I wanna sleep!

now here’s the lovliest part:
Anything better than a starry night you can suggest to lie under for a substantial sleep??

I am in love with Georgia’s room. A friend of mine from Brisbane who has come to India for an exchange program to study fashion. The happy you sleep; the better you look! Now I know the reason why is Georgia so gorgeous? 
She made her bed lit up with stars all over. The canopy looks like a shelter from the stars shadowing the yellow light. Aah...seems a delight when you fool around the whole day and in the end come lay down on your bed...I wonder how can anyone have insomnia??
Love the yellow light, gives a sense of warmth and tranquilization. Love the canopy altogether. Love her new head-gear...
hop on to her blog where she shares her experiences in India.

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