Thursday, September 20, 2012

*Because everyone deserves to sparkle*

*Like a stained piece of glass, her radiance bloomed in the sun all day. From dawn to dusk, she had been reflecting all the madness she had. Then, the sun started to set.
She was stained and it was dark. Some fireflies flew from above. She kept brave enough to let the moment pass. A few minutes later, she illuminated from within.
The fireflies harked back! Asked her, “ were all stained and you are a starker”
She glowingly replied, “No matter what...everyone deserves to sparkle”*

Sparkle is about celebrating and expressing merriment that is made obvious by gleaming. A hint of sparkle makes everything nice. All that glitters is not only gold. You can wear silver too. Bling up your look with shiny clothes, for metallic accessories is has gone so cliché now. I teamed up a gold jacket with a hot pink skirt. And no doubts, I have two same words for it - hot hot! 

Nevertheless, worn on clothes or not, each one of us have an inner sparkle. And each of us deserve to sparkle.
Photo Credits: Ankit Sabharwal :)



  1. I love the elaborate drama the crystals create - it must have taken so much trouble and damn, it was well worth it! So pretty :)

    1. Hey Dayle. Thanks so much! :) Yes, it did take a lot of effort but was fun. Everyone deserves a sparkle! :D

  2. This is gorgeous, Pranita. I love the styling, and am always an Indian at heart by being attracted to all that glitters (even if it ain't gold).

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  3. Hey this looks so awesome...! There can be many variations in using these ...!

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  4. Love at first ur blog
    cool pics...
    do drop by...n if u like what u see..mayb we cud follow each other :)

  5. Absolutely Love the Glitter around your funky and pretty..Its a perfect club makeup must have,,:)

    1. Thanks much. Yes, it definitely is a club must-have! :)

  6. you know Pranita you are one of my favorite.what a mind blowing fashion sense you have my dear.kudos!!!

    Bong's Belleza

    1. so elated! Thanks a ton Ayantika! <3


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