Tuesday, September 11, 2012


A book, which every child reads without being told.
A word of which the meaning they do not actually know.

I take it as default that all of you have grown up reading comics in your childhood. I recall my brother eating up bundles of Nagraj, Doga, Chacha Chaudhary, Billoo, Super commando Dhruv, Vikram aur Betal and many more while lazing around during summer vacations. I could just understand Pinky then! :/

The Transition- from comic strips to everywhere
Ever wondered how beautiful it is to realise the existence of comic characters in this kinetic world. Graphics and technology has taken this childhood memoir to a completely new level. The Spiderman can jump up and down the buildings to save lives in the movies and you can play as Mario to rescue Princess Peach in the X box. Depiction of the Chitra-Katha in the super-coolest way!
Whatever age we are in, the comic genre would always interest us.

Comic Con India held an exhibition in Bangalore this weekend in lieu of promotion and preservation of comics and graphic arts. I got a chance to meet all my childhood comic crushes. Besides, a pool of some geniuses with their unique ways to depicting stories through graphics.

Love for mooches, Indian humor, characters from Ramayana and Mahabharata, the pirates of the Caribbean and all hallucinating colors depicted through different mediums of graphics – a motley of all the fantasy, adventure, power and fun one could ever think of. No wonder, graphics is the new generation. Conor McCreery once quoted, ‘Comics are not a genre. They are a medium that encompasses every genre.’

The dictionary meanings of COMIC.
Encounters with Shiva, G.I.Joe and the pirate of the Caribbean.

Joker smiles the deadly style.
People spotted wearing clothes and accessories inspired from Comics and Graphic art.
Various graphics and illustrations on a notebook, bag and tee shirts.
Comes back the love for mustaches! Moochi moochi love. Turns out, its just not me!
Here is my Childhood crush- the Super Mario
Look what I explored- Dora the Explorer!


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