Tuesday, June 26, 2012


“I may be mad, but I am materialistic. I want to possess so many things in life. Not just some clothes, shoes, bags, or perfumes. I have become more materialistic now. I want the whole of India.”

Yeah, no kidding! My recent visit to The Bombay store has given me some more ‘food for shop’. In my earlier post here, I mentioned about the products being a perfect blend of the traditional and contemporary style. Well, this time I am astonished by the assorted themes and inspirations from various subjects and periods and the variety of products the store keeps-  trying to give a whole new rejuvenated look of India still keeping threads of stories knotted to it.

The punch line of the store says- “Discover a new India”, which it eventually abides by.  Right from the visual merchandising and the current monsoon oriented window displays, the look is aesthetically appealing and the store is divided into sections such as apparels, artefacts, frames, bed linens and quilts, stationary, home decor, tableware, aromatic soaps, exotic tea flavours etc. letting you browse all the sections easily. 


“Let the Grandma walk out with a rich flavoured exotic tea pack, the lady with a brocade purse and the girl with a quirky set of stationary. And everyone stays happy ever after.”

Here, you may find the rarest of the pieces like an antique metallic colonial time wall clock to the newest of the pop art inspired colourful tray. There are heavily crafted artefacts made out of softstone, whitewood, resin, glass, brass etc. You will go nuts smelling the aromatic soaps and would definitely fall in for the cosy bed linens and those soft razais (quilts).

There is so much to talk about- stamp printed cushions, Kathputli inspired umbrellas, Banjara murals, rejuvenating incense sticks metallic modern style cufflinks...you could see an art displayed from almost each state of India in a totally new form of product. That’s the beauty of The Bombay Store.
Then, a separate variety of products by The Elephant Company was something elephantous. You would see motifs of an elephant on a tie, on a mug to tote bag, also as murals, cushions and so many other places.

I hope my pictorial collection explains much of it!

Thanks to Mr. Srinivas from the store and the whole team who took the pain to arrange the roll out session. 


  1. Love the new look to the blog :) That oldie shoulder bag and those antique clocks are breathtaking :D

  2. Truly inspirational... LOVE this post and a virtual award to you :)

    ❤ StylishByNature.com

  3. This store looks so fun!! being materialistic is not bad if the material is awesome, right?;-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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