Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We all love the quirkiness of graphics. To elaborate, I take your yes in agreeing with the idea of adoring colorful  kitschy and playful graphics on tees, cushions, bags, accessories, stationary, coffee mugs etc. After all, colors are what that makes the scene funky and happy-going. So, what if this idea mixes with the traditional attire of Indian women. The sari. This implies that saris would be graphical too. They will be colorful  quirky graphical and playful.

That’s exactly what Play Clan did. Known for quirky graphics in their wide range of products, Play Clan recently launched a collection of saris called “The Play Clan Sari Edition” at the Will India Fashion Week for spring/summer 2013.

Welding neon and playfulness in Indian characters, tribal looks, neon-ised geometry and phulkari,  the saris are no more just a boring six-yard long garment after their post-fluorescent treatment. The younger generation now has reasons to get into the tradition attire. Besides, there are smarter ways to style them as Play Clan highlights them in their shoot. Have a look at their collection. They can be bought from their online store at Rs. 14995/-. Totally worth it!

Images: Play Clan


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