Monday, October 1, 2012


Clothing styles have evolved, intersected and influenced our breathe today. With a growing liberal attitude, there hardly seems to be a rule-book made which defines dress codes for us. Be it men or women, everything is loved if it looks good on you. The important thing about it is- you look good when you are comfortable in it.

Roaming around the streets of Bangalore, I could sense liberty by the way men dress today. The mantra is being confident and comfortable. I could not feel anything but happy to explore so many interesting men who gave up looking for high fashion and instead made them a brand.

Accessorizing beard with beads, tattoos on the body, men carrying raw totes with loud messages on them, wearing printed shirts, decking in leather vests and bags, printed pants nowhere close to the blue and black stripes or checks... These were the finds of liberal men. 

The expression of connecting fashion with the self- not influenced by the trends or forecasts, but by the inner soul. You might love music or you might hum mantras, you might practise yoga or you  might be a lazy ass- each character shall be expressed uninfluenced. 


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