Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I'm standing outside my house
Kissing the sunshine aloud.
Waiting for the moment to arrive
Pick me up and take me to a dive.

Waited long
Couldn’t find a clue.
I thought- I should just move on
Too much life is due.

I got things to do
That I don’t even know.
I have smiles to give
As a part of my show.

So, with my glasses on
To see the details
With my earphones plugged in
To ignore the trails

I walk along
to places unintended
It feels great
To see everything apprehended.

I have things to do
That I don’t even know.
But, I think I am perfectly suspended
For the show.

Perfectly Suspended- Style Interpretation
The theme I took up this time defines androgyny. Suspenders were originally worn by businesspersons and bankers as they dealt with important businesses. Paired up with geeky glasses and a bow tie carry the suspension perfectly. Listening to music humming in through the earphones is an influence of the modern day tastes of interests and the work etiquette people follow.
Suspenders today are acknowledged as both casual and formal wear. Either carry them on a shirt or maybe under a jacket. Add some geeky glasses onto it and wear high-waist trousers with it. A bow tie maybe for an exaggerating geeky look might give your suspenders look a bounce. 
Go for them and go all suspended.



  1. Definitely thumbs up! Loved the bow tie and the way the suspenders pepped the entire look.

    Stunning ensemble and very pretty smile :)


  2. The look is awesome for sure BUT what I love the most about the post is the way you have portrayed the whole concept! Too good!

  3. Your look is cool and it! following now *GFC and Bloglovin and FB! drop by ours and maybe follow?..kisses!

  4. I love this post Pranita! The outfit is so cool and also, everything you've said here is true. Ignore the bad Focus on the good!

  5. you look footloose and fancy the androgyny look that u adopted...!!

    and yeah had seen the features on Shalini's blog too...bangalore bloggers really rock!!!!


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