Monday, December 12, 2011


I took the subject from Steve Job's speech in 2005. Well, I am trying to relate it to the Polka dots here! [ heights of thinking in fashion :p]
Steve Job's said, "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards."
No pun intended- I am trying so hard to give you guys instances and stories of Polka dots here! And that it has reappeared in the trends of this winter.

  • Did you know that 'Polka dot' was derived from a European folk dance form- with no connection though but the fact that they became popular together in the 1980s!
  • Call it the baby-type or the old odd style; its in again! They remind me of the Mini mouse skirt or may be the Dalmatian treatment. The cutey hair-bows and classic shirts! 
  • I remember wearing a fresh green polka dot dress while I was a kid! And I used to call it as my Liril dress (the color made me recall of Liril soap *_*)[was that to be disclosed? :O..oops] 
  • From Zeenat Aman in 'Ajnabee' (1974) to Prachi Desai in 'Once upon a time in Mumbai' (2010), the pattern remains still afresh.
  • You need not wear a skirt/shirt/bow always! Our generation has experimented with new ways of styling with the pattern. You need not be as wild as the 80s and the 90s. Any one piece of polka dot would also be fine on you.

Zeenat Aman in a polka dot skirt and bow tie in Ajnabee (1974)
Prachi Desai in Once upon a time in mumbai in 2010 and Dimple Kapadia in Bobby
-same pinch aye?
Akshay Kumar in the polka dot shirt - a recall of the 80s! source

Around the world, they wear the same pattern in many a different ways. Some go funky while some stay sober. The beautiful thing about it is that our generation has absorbed this pattern trend in a totally unparalleled way. Either doing with a scarf or a complete dress or may be just some shoes or only the accessories. Not just the silhouette of the shirt or the skirt but the lengths of the bottoms have taken the pattern over them today!

I found a video showing how to wear Polka dots

Few looks to carry Polka dots!

Polka dot Jacket over a Polka dot dress- I call wild! source

what about the Pants? :l - Paul smith AW 11 collection from here

A look Aparna wore the other day in Office with a polka dot shirt. I love the accent of yellow in her shoes! 

And here's me trying to show off my polka dot hairband!

And finally a Polka Dance vedio for you!

Wooh...too much connection of the polka dots!
This is supposed to be in the keyword project!
Hope you like it!!


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