Sunday, December 11, 2011


Yeah, the title may sound too much of a fictional one, but it isn't!
have a look-

After finishing the inelegant lunch at office, we thought of having a walk till Sigma mall (Ruchika was crying for an ice-cream actually! ) and I saw a glimpse of this man! He was going towards the parking lot and I could just wish to go to him and ask for a picture! Thanks to Ashika for accompanying (who more than the help wanted to see the drama  which takes place when the man doesn't understand what I want- a picture for my silly blog! :P) And yeah Siddhanth's phone for the capture!

And, so we went to him. I talked; explained what I wanted his picture for not speaking out loud "the pink beard" at all. To our amaze, he agreed and this is what he said, " My name is Ranjon Ghoshal with an O; and you can Google me! "

I clicked, thanked and came back. Obviously googled him and found a Wikipedia page of the man!
Turns out, he runs an advertisement agency called Mareech, has a theater group call the Forum Three and is the founder member of Bangla band called Moheener Ghoraguli.
The page says, Ranjon's home in Bangalore, The Yellow Submarine, is a focal point for a number of intellectuals and artists in the city. 

A man's creativity shows up right from his face!
I could re-frame
A man's creativity shows up right from his beard!

That's the story of the man with the pink beard!
Was nice to meet you sir!

Hope the readers like it!

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