Saturday, December 17, 2011


Smile at a stranger. See what happens.
Patti LuPone

A much-awaited Saturday it was. Neglecting the fact that the day was working, it was not as hectic as the previous Saturdays were. Those times I could hardly sit on my chair and even check my mails. Forget about leaving office on time!
And so it was this Saturday where my formality towards my paid-job was nothing more than attending the office. Still, I got engrossed into my blogging research and stayed till 6-ish there. Made lists of doing things on Sunday. Read and re-read my months-held ideas to reciprocate! Amongst them was listed a task of starting to painting again. Hence, I decided to fetch a canvas for myself.

“Crosswords at Garuda should have canvases. I can just ignore the shopping stores on way and head only to crosswords and buy a canvas and straight away come back home where my room- redecoration is partly initiated!” (I broke the rule later and shopped for a pair of shoes and bottoms!)

Before all my thoughts get collected, comes this fashion trend amongst the auto-rickshaw people!

“Auto wale bhaiya, garuda jana hai!”
“Madam, bahut traffic hai. Rs. 80 lagega!”
 I just made an angry face and went to the next rickshaw guy!
“Bhaiya, garuda mall jana hai! Kitna?”
“Madam Rs. 40 hoga!”
“(At least he is better than the previous rickshaw guy), nahi!”

“Excuse me, you are going to Garuda, we can share an auto. Do you mind?”
“(Who are you? Why do you think I will share an auto-rick with you?) ok, yeah sure! Why not! Good deal- 20 -20!”

Don’t run your minds thinking who this guy could be!

Her name was Saumya, a mid 20s woman with curly hair and a sober communication skill!
We sat in. And then, began the talks. Thanks to the traffic, we almost reached to exchanging phone numbers and staying in touch like forever! :P
A keralite (mallu) who got married to a TCS guy in bengaluru lived with her in-laws and husband in the army quarters near Garuda! Did her MBA from St. Josephs and now works as an HR in some tata something company! We chatted about the pathetic traffic and uneasy office hours, talked about her in-laws and parents later lightning it up to the backwaters of Kerala and all.

Meanwhile, I felt like I just found a target to shoot myself at! I spoke about my job, my living etiquettes (not completely though!), Bangalore love/lust (yet to be distinguished), the 20 something feeling, mania for blogging and some unknown issues! Dint feel like an alien issue. I have no idea why! Sometimes, it feels good to talk to strangers. Felt like I was in a trans! Between office and home! A secret meeting with a stranger in an auto-rickshaw with no strings attached, yet relieving stress! When in doubt of shouting at someone, target a stranger next time! :P
Its like a situation when you are not exactly saying what you mean to say but saying what you mean to understand. A small bubble-up moment to get away from the daily old lexicon and activities!

Just then, her mother in law called her up to get down at the brigade signal. I thought it was ok if she didn’t pay! Rather she said, “It was a deal.”
Handed me 20 bucks and left!
It was a good deal!

For, to be a stranger is naturally a very positive relation; it is a specific form of interaction.
Georg Simmel



  1. Sometimes what we want is to talk about same old same old things and because we had discussed them at length with the people we know, it becomes easier and hence relieving when a stranger listens to us rant :) :)

  2. yes, i agree with you Purvi. And it feels so good! :)


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