Monday, October 31, 2011


And so flourishes the religion of POP . We are back in color! Oh..yes..I recall- how can I forget that? We all did a project on POP ART during our print design module. Or so, the teacher was a pop art buff! I think she got the same theme from her teacher while she was a student! So, I can even bluff that I know so much about POP :p.

Marilyn Monroe to Andy Warhol, Kitschy judgement to circuses and tents! Hope you can relate to the movie DEV D. Then, there were comic strips and the Coca Cola branding. There was fluorescence and there was Manish Arora (below his design for spring/summer 2008).

And talk about today, I recently visited some flea markets here in Bangalore and was so glad to discover the inclination our generation has got for this particular vocabulary. Upcoming design labels like Chumbak ,soda unbottled, Yelo, kya cheez hai, Kili and so many more ( I wish to upload those pics too soon ;) ) are just on track to make you fall in love . I am forgetting so many names right now!!
PS: Yelo- a brand of one of my very beautiful friends!


By Manish Arora

well, here's my pop capture of the day! A bag full of pop even in a dress not-at-all pop!
Thanks Natasha! :). Love your way of carrying it!

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