Thursday, October 6, 2011


Blue comes back to signature in the winter! It wasn't too cold, but you see, designers are pretty much ahead to follow the forecast! (rather, we pop the out ;p)
And blue electrifies my post once again!..well, this time to give some details about CODE BLUE!

electric blue. cobalt. grey. black -what a delight to the eyes! (in-spite being called electric aye), certain shades make you feel so comfy and cozy while you wear them. Less maintenance, more repetitions! Go along with multiple matches!
Splash some bright color onto your shoes or accessories to break the catenation! Or totally bling yourself with sparkling accessories!

Believe me, It was accidental that we all wore Blue that day! Well, I got electrified obviously! Thanks Aparna and Kumkum.
PS: the last picture- Aparna pocket is glittered! That's a brilliant idea for a DIY project! I am keen on doing it (soon)!

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