Saturday, October 8, 2011


Here's another blooming post about your winter must-haves fashion looks!
Call them always in trend. Florals!
what matters is how you coordinate them up with the rest to get a not-always-floral look!

keep in mind not to pair up a floral garment with another one! I tried creating looks wherein you can pair up any one floral garment with rest of the plain coordinates! (guash, i should work on my fashion vocab!). For eg. If you have a floral tee, pair it up with plain scarf, denims and bag! The other way, if you are planning to wear everything plain and need some accent in your look, try wearing a floral scarf! And there's a beautiful floral jacket, you could team up with a plain dress.

Accessories complete your look. So, don't forget garnishing your look!

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