Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Wishing everyone a very happy and safe Diwali!
A festival and my blog! The connection?? Fashion!...? :O ??
Nah..not the usual fashion: what I wore ? whats in Fashion?...blah..blah...I should have posted on that long ago...but..I din't! And I am not blaming the overload of work in my office for that! Am I?

So, my Diwali has always been quiet and colorful. For, I don't contribute in the increasing pollution caused by crackers.
For me, its sweets, flowers, dressing up and making rangoli! That's how I fete it! And you ought to be at home for the occasion.
And I was with a camera during the whole puja just to update it all here! ;)

So, this post is a bit different from the rest. I feel good to share my way of celebrating this time. Its what I enjoy and not necessarily in fashion! Its not the finger quoted trend of the time! Its when you breathe the cultural sweetness and live in the extraordinary moments! And think over the tech version of puja :P

And my max time-consuming work- rangoli! :)


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